Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

cheap car insurance

Young drivers are probably the category of drivers most disadvantaged by car insurance. An insurance claim can reach sky rocketing prices for a young driver, which can be rather burdening. There are cases when the value of the insurance can even exceed the value of the purchased car. So many young drivers believe it is unfair and discouragicng for them to have to pay such large amounts of money for car insurance. But car insurance companies think otherwise. The statistics they made show that young and inexperienced drivers are more prone to have car accidents. And another fact that make car insurance have such high prices is the fact that young drivers have the most car accidents in which passengers are involved. Car insurance companies just don’t want to take the risk, so they make their insurance policies expensive to make sure any prejudice is covered.

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cheap car insurance

But for a young driver, which hasn’t yet the financial power to support these amounts of money, can be rather frustrating. How can they obtain a cheap car insurance? There are a few ways you can reduce the costs of your car insurance if you are a young driver. Some insurance companies have car insurance groups. That means that they make a list of the types of car that are more prone to have incidents, according to the statistics they make regarding the prejudices they had to cover. Some cars have a cheaper repairing cost and some performance skills taken into account when calculating a car insurance bill. So check out to see which can insurance company has these groups and which cars are included in the lowest category. It may help you choose a car that will help you obtain a cheaper car insurance.

cheap car insurance for youngs

cheap car insurance for youngs


Try to pay the car insurance bill for an entire year at once. It may sound tempting to divide it into a 12-month payment, as it looks smaller this way. But do a quick math a see that is you add all the 12 months together, you will end up paying more than you actually do for the entire sum in a single payment. Yes, insurance companies charge more for divided payments. To lower your can insurance try to drive with caution. Speeding tickets, driving under the influence of alcohol or other driving aggression will make your insurance go up. So think about this when you are tempted to push the acceleration pedal. Also, if you don’t drive around that much, specify your annual mileage to the insurance company. Some have better scores for drivers with low mileage, as they consider then to be less exposed to a car incident.

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Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers
Young drivers are probably the category of drivers most disadvantaged by car insurance.

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  • Ann Abbitz

    As the mother of two teenage drivers, I can honestly say that it is a burden to pay the much higher insurance costs. But I admit that I understand why these insurance companies do charge higher rates for younger drivers. Statistics clearly show that this particular age group is involved in accidents and incidents at a high rate, and the insurance companies simply have to adjust their prices to reflect that.
    The key, as with everything else, is to shop around and make sure you’re getting the very best price possible for your young driver. That and making sure that they know how to drive SAFE!

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