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It is important to have a car insurance, and thus, you should think about all the possibilities you have. The truth is that there are many car insurance companies that are willing to help you. However, you should be able to choose the best one from the market. Since this is a new year, we have thought about helping you by creating a list with the best  auto insurance companies from the country. In this way you will be able to choose the best auto insurance for yourself.

The following list has been made after analyzing the opinion of various clients. In this way it will be able to help you make a choice.


  1. Saga

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Saga has proven to the world that it is important to be helpful and polite. They are attentive to the customer’s needs, and thus, they are able to offer the best services from the market. This company has specialized in offering policies for drivers who have more than 50 years old, and thus, if you have this age, you should definitely choose them.

  1. Royal & Sun Alliance

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Another car insurance company that has managed to be in top is Royal & Sun Alliance, which has excellent offers to all its clients. People love going there because they are helpful and friendly. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should choose this unique company.

  1. Frizzell


If you want to find an auto insurance company who values your time, you should definitely choose Frizzell. They are well known for the speed in which they can settle claim. Additionally, you can also find them on the Internet. However, they should improve their phone services, mainly because there are many customers cannot reach them through a phone call.

  1. Liverpool Victoria

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This is another car insurance company that has managed to stay in top, mainly because it is able to offer professional services to all its clients. Additionally, people value the fact that here they can find a friendly and helpful staff. Another great thing is the fact that people do not have to worry about the legal jargon used in many other places. Even when you have a claim, they will treat you in a great manner, showing a lot of respect.

  1. NFU Mutual

nfu mutual insurance

If you appreciate phone ordering, this is the right place for you. However, there are many people who say that they have to wait a long time for settling a claim. On the other hand, this auto insurance company is known for its professional behavior, and also for its wide product range that includes specialist car cover.

  1. Co-operative


This car insurance company has managed to raise above its past situation, focusing on its strengths. Right now they offer a wide range of services, they are friendly with every single customers, and more importantly, they are helpful in any kind of situation. However, some customers believe that the phone service can be improved.

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Best Auto Insurance Companies
It is important to have a car insurance, and thus, you should think about all the possibilities you have.

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  • Ann Abbitz

    One thing I will say here is that sometimes you have to look at more than just price when trying to decide who can offer you the best car insurance. Yes, price is a huge deciding factor for most people – myself included – but I also understand that sometimes I need to pay a little bit more in order to make sure I’m covered for all of the things I find important.
    Make sure that you’re getting enough coverage for the money you’re paying, but ALWAYS make sure you know exactly what your coverage includes.
    That is just my two cents! :)

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